“Just a quick note to say how chuffed and impressed I was with after Mathilda’s first session on Friday. I can’t tell you how lovely it was to pick her up and see her happy and having had such a good time. Claire was absolutely lovely and spent ages talking to Matilda’s dad and I about everything she had done and moving forward she had clearly made Mathilda feel really welcome and also had taken then time to take pictures and written up her first entry in her progress book by the time we picked her up.

So it’s safe to say I drove away with a big smile on my face and dad hasn’t stopped talking about what a lovely nursery it is all weekend.

See you this week, thank you all again” 

“I just wanted to reiterate what I said to you the other day about my husband and I being so happy with Monkey Puzzle. Max is so happy with you and coming on leaps and bounds. We often see new things in him, especially his speech currently, and say to each other, that’s from nursery. All the members of staff are fantastic. We move into the next room and think the girls in the next room can’t possibly be as great as the girls in the room we’re leaving, but they always are and always have time, patience and enthusiasm for Max which is lovely to see. In particular the girls in the baby room at the moment are so kind watching Grace for me for a couple of minutes it takes me to run Max upstairs. This helps not only my back, but I think shows great forward thinking in that Grace is very gradually getting used to the room and the staff in it and will hopefully make for an easy transition when her time comes to start with you.

Thank you again, we honestly wouldn’t put our children anywhere else.” Jan & Richard Hague

“We are extremely pleased with Sophia’s recent development – Sophia’s speech is improving daily and her social skills are excellent
Thank you to Jess & Zoe for your help with Sophia You have done a great job in caring for her whilst in Tweenies” Claire

“Thanks as always for everything you do for Martha. Just so you know she is loving the Spanish sessions you are so kindly providing.” Charlie

“I was thoroughly impressed with the in depth and specific knowledge Jessica had on William. Even though he only attends nursery one day per week, and had only attended for less than 4 months by this time, she had a very clear understanding of his likes/dislikes, strengths and developments areas and knew precisely what his next steps were. I was really impressed with how she was aware of each of his interests before me even mentioning them. In some areas, I felt she knew him better than me! She talked about him fondly and gave lots of examples to evidence each point she made. The profile was very thorough and it was lovely to read about all the exciting learning experiences he has at Monkey Puzzle.

A huge thank you to Jessica and the Tweenies team!” Danielle Harper

“I really trust the staff in Pre-School to welcome my daughter each morning and engage her in conversation and an activity; handing her over to a consistently inviting and warm atmosphere  is extremely reassuring.

Whatever time I’ve collected my daughter, sometimes unexpected, the room is managed yet happy. I sense the teamwork in the room; each member of staff seem conscientious and involved in whatever the children are doing, and also sensitive to their feelings and experiences, and interactions with each other.

When I pick her up I get a summary of her day, and often positive feedback on little achievements, something she’s really enjoyed doing, or an insightful anecdote which is incredibly personable.

I like the fact that the meals are all home made and cooked from scratch, really wholesome and varied. I think it prevents my daughter being a picky eater; she tends to try new foods more readily.

The room is ever-changing; they have different themes and displays, which I think must really stimulate the children and keep their interest. There’s always something new to look at and talk about.

I think Pre-School has brought her on and given her a good foundation and confidence for going to Nursery. 

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Monkey Puzzle. I think that says everything.” Bronwen

“The variety of activities the children get the chance to try are fantastic, and the toys and facilities are always clean, well looked after, and the outside space is wonderful. Martha has had the chance to watch snails and tadpoles grow, release butterflies, plant and harvest vegetables and flowers and make mud pies in the mud kitchen. She loves the weekly Baby Ballet Sessions, and is thriving and excited by the fortnightly Spanish lessons. She has loved all the messy play with indoor snowstorms, shaving foam, water and sand, as well as paint, bubbles and glitter, and the staff get really involved to gently encourage their exploration. Their care and compassion when the children have bumps or are under the weather, or feeling sad is wonderful, and good behaviour and manners are encouraged and rewarded. The children have visits from Santa and the Easter Bunny, there are dressing-up and charity days, obstacle courses and picnics.

The key workers’ genuine affection for the children shines through consistently, and we have experienced staff bringing in stickers, musical instruments and beloved childhood toys from home to show and share with Martha. They celebrate her achievements with us, recall funny stories from the day, and support her with her reading, phonics and numbers.

The staff at Monkey Puzzle have helped our little one blossom into a chatty, enthusiastic, friendly little girl, who is ready to move up to big school with confidence, and the ability to sit and concentrate on reading and writing, as well as playing and being creative and adventurous. We couldn’t have hoped for a better, more supportive childcare setting, for which we are so very grateful.”
Charlie Bland

“Kieron has really enjoyed his time at monkey puzzle. We have also been pleased with the nursery and the development progress that Kieron has made. The staff and facilities are excellent. It is well run, staff are friendly and keep parents up-to-date on activities and events. Kieron has made lots of friends and was encouraged to become confident and take part in group activities. He enjoyed playing outside and the outdoor facilities are all good. The free flow play is a good idea.” 

“I have nothing but praise for the team at Monkey Puzzle. Alex has spent 15 months with the preschool ladies and he is very happy. He really likes the team and says he’s going to miss them when he goes to big school. The ladies have been great and very accommodating with Alex’s digestion issue. Alex has become confident and outgoing since joining the preschool room. His speech, running and literacy have come along very well.”

“We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have chosen monkey puzzle as a nursery for Elsa. She has developed from curious, only just walking and barely talking little 18 month old, into the confident, outgoing friendly imaginative intelligent girl that she is today. The staff at Monkey Puzzle have all been amazing. She was welcomed into the toddler room from day one, where Linda Savile was her key worker and even though she was the youngest in the room, Linda and the team made sure that she settled in as quickly as possible. The daily updates received from staff and what daily activities Elsa has participated in throughout the day and what she had eaten gave us a valuable insight into her daily life in nursery. Parents evenings is and comprehensive progress booklets allowed us to keep track of Elsa’s development throughout her time. Nursery was also very supportive with Elsa’s potty training and helping to reduce the need for daytime naps.